Slipcases in all variations are part of standard production. Do you want clamshell boxes with inlays, magnetic closures, foam material or packaging services? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Folding box

Brochure, card set with banderole

Hinged box: Postcards, booklet

Hinged box

Postcards, booklet

Box: Various inlays


Various inlays

Mountain Roads, Delius Klasing,


Linen cover

Ziele erreichen Klett-Cotta Schattauer

Slip lid case

Brochur, cards

Half slipcase: Unprinted, reinforced cardboard

Half slipcase

Unprinted, reinforced cardboard

Das Heimat-Quiz München Grupello

Slip lid case

cards, insert with handle-cutting

Cardboard box: Assorted flashcards

Cardboard box

Assorted flashcards